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Kris Dim Tribute Page

Kris Dim Picture

Kim Dim was born on May 7, 1973 in Cambodia and when he was 4 years old his family moved to Arlington Virginia and later to Sacramento California. He started training at an early age and quickly started to get results so he entered a few teenage competitions and won his first show, which was the North Bay Bodybuilding Championships.

The truth is that Kris Dim shouldn't actually be with us and be alive at all today because a full 2 million of his fellow Cambodians were slaughtered under the rule of the communist Khmer Rouge during his childhood. His parents were extremely lucky to escape when they did.

Kim is 56 and weighs around 185 at competition and he tried college but his mind was on the gym and when he finally dropped out of college his bodybuilding career took off. He finally got his "ProCard" after winning the overall light-heavyweight division in the NPC USA 2003.

But everything changed for Kim when he had a heart attack on June 8 2007. The problem was a split aortic valve, which caused a stroke that left him paralyzed. The editor of Muscular Development magazine's David Palumbo reported the following day," Kris is now fighting to overcome a spinal injury that has left him paralyzed and was told, "There is a .03% chance that Kris will walk again."

Kris Dim Workout

The training that Kim does is to be always constantly changing up his sets, reps, volume and intensity in order to always make sure that he is to shocking his system. He explains that this is what makes him get constant improvements because he never lets his body get used to any one routine.

Here is an example of one of his arm workouts:

Curls on Preacher Bench
Alternating Curls with Dumbbells
Curls with a Barbell
One Arm Curls on Overhead Cable

Triceps Cable Pushdown
Lying Triceps Extension
Dumbbell Kickbacks
One Arm Triceps Extension with a Dumbbell

He speaks about his abs training saying that if you want to see your abs then it is over 75% diet. He explains that you can work your abs to death and still not see them because you're not being disciplined enough with what you eat. He says that he always keeps his protein pretty high and carbs relatively low, especially at pre-contest time.

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