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Lee Haney Tribute Page

Picture of Lee Haney Workout

Lee Haney is an exceptional bodybuilder who has changed the shape of his body to hold the most Mr. Olympia titles along with Ronnie Coleman who have both won this coveted professional title 8 times. Lee is a committed re-born Christian and has always set an impeccable example of what true bodybuilding is all about.

Lee Haney was born November 11, 1959 in Spartanburg, South Carolina and is also a former American IFBB professional bodybuilder. Lee now lives in Fayette County, Georgia with his wife and two children who are now at college. He continues to deal directly with his fans using his "TotaLee Fit with Lee Haney" program where he teaches the importance of health and spirituality.

Height = Five Foot Eleven Inches Tall
Weight = Two Hundred and Forty Five Pounds

Bodybuilding titles won:
1979 AAU Teen Mr. America
1982 NPC Junior Nationals
1982 NPC Nationals
1982 IFBB North American Championships
1983 IFBB Grand Prix Las Vegas
1983 IFBB Night of Champions
1984 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1985 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1986 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1987 IFBB Grand Prix Germany
1987 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1988 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1989 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1990 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1991 IFBB Mr. Olympia

Lee Haney Workout

Lee has contributed a lot to the sport of bodybuilding over the years and is probably the most famous for his quote "train to stimulate, not annihilate." It is this type of training philosophy that has helped so many beginners in creating training routines that work.

Lee believes very strongly in high volume training using moderate weights and always using full range of motion. He has always stressed the importance of meeting your body's recuperation abilities very squarely with sensible weight selection and not just banging out sets and reps without thinking about the repair that needs to be done.

Lee strongly believes that the eccentric movement of any exercise is the most important and it should always be done with slow deliberation and focus before exploding into the concentric part of an exercise. Lee trains using reps ranging from 6 to 15 and never goes lower or higher, always using very strict form and control which he says is vital if you want to grow the muscle.

His workouts would be split into chest and biceps on one day, quads and hamstrings the next day and back and calves on the third day. He would rest on the fourth day.

A typical chest routine would look like this which is something he would stick to for most of the year.

Bench-press 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps each
Dumbbell Press 3 sets of 10-12 reps
Barbell Incline Press 3 sets of 6-8 reps
D/B incline Press 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps
Cable cross-overs 3 sets of 15-20 reps
Dips 3 sets of 15 reps

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