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Lee Priest Picture

Lee Priest Lee was born July 6, 1972 in Newcastle, Australia. At a height of only 5'4" Lee is one of the shortest and one of the most powerful bodybuilders in the pros. His full name is Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon and he was raised in Walls End, New South Wales, Australia.

Lee has won Mr. Australia and competed many times in IFBB competitions until he was fined $12,000 for withdrawing from the Arnold Classic. He is now forbidden to compete in any IFBB competition until that fine is paid.

He is without a doubt one of the top ten professional bodybuilders in the world and he has been placed more than once in the Mr. Olympia competition.

Height = Five Foot Four Inches Tall
Weight = Two Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds

Bodybuilding titles won:
1989 IFBB Mr Australia
1990 IFBB Australian Championships
2006 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational
2006 IFBB Night of Champions USA
2006 IFBB Night of Champions Britain

Lee Priest Workout

Lee says that he does not have any favorite exercise or any favorite body-part that he likes to train as he feels that his whole body needs more muscle, which is why he trains so hard.

He believes strongly that the only way to gain muscle is to get strong and that means doing sets and reps where you go down to 6 reps but not less than that. Just like any other pro bodybuilder he trains on a split routine where he will add abs and calves at the end of each hard work-out.

Lee admits that he is addicted to junk food but he can manage his binging in order to get the muscle gaining results that have made him a top bodybuilder. Lee says that eating correctly is vital if you want to get the rewards from your hard training.

Below is what the training program that Lee uses throughout the year. Lee believes very strongly in instinctive training so that this program listed below is what he uses as a guide that he follows and which varies during his workout depending on how strong or how weak he feels on that day.

Quadriceps Leg Extentions 5x 8-10
Squats 5x 6-8
Lunges 5x 6-8
Hamstrings Leg Curls 5x 6-8
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts 5x 6-8

Back Chinups 5x 6-8
Barbell Rows 5x 6-8
DB rows 5x 6-8
Seated Cable Rows 5x 6-8
Pulldowns 5x 6-8

Shoulders Miltary presses 5x 6-8
DB side laterals 5x 6-8
DB front raises 5x 6-8
DB Bent rear laterals 5x 6-8

Biceps Barbell curls 5x 6-8
DB curls 5x 6-8
Preacher curls 5x 6-8
Cable curls 5x 6-8

Chest Bench Presses 5x 6-8
Incline DB bench 5x 6-8
DB flyes 5x 6-8
Incline Flyes 5x 6-8

Triceps Pushdowns 5x 6-8
DB overhead exts. 5x 6-8
Dips between benches 5x 6-8
French presses 5x 6-8

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