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Libby Streeter Tribute Page

Libby Streeter Picture

Name: Elizabeth Jane Streeter a.k.a. "Libby/Libit"
Birth Date: March 11, 1973
Place of Birth: A small City in Massachusetts
Education: College Degree in Criminal Justice, Human Services and Corrections
Occupations: Personal Trainer (Specializing in training women as well as showing them how to eat for a better lifestyle) Childrens Fitness Instructor
Favorite Hobby: I love to camp! The closer I can get to nature the more content I am!
Favorite Diet Food: Boiled Chicken and Rice with Equal on top. or RiceCakes w/ All Natural Peanut Butter.
Favorite Cheat Food: Friendly's Reeses Pieces Sundae w/ Butter Crunch IceCream.
Favorite Aerobics: Cardio Kickboxing or the Rowing Machine

For me becoming a "Fit" person began when I was born.

As a child my parents couldn't keep me in sight. I was always on the go. That personality trait stayed with me through the years. I have always found ways to participate in some kind of sport. Growing up, we had no money, so I had to enjoy Intramural sports like: Volleyball, Basketball and Field Hockey. During that time I found my calling to be a Field Hockey player. I truly loved playing but I could only go so far with it. I thought playing sports again after highschool would just be a dream, until I "fell" into Fitness.

Fitness started for me in 1997. I was diagnosed with Thoracic Scoliosis. At that time I was told that excercise and weight training would help it from getting any worse. So, that is when I decided to become a "Full timer" at a gym. I had always gone to gyms off and on, I figured it was time to be serious. I started training through the knowledge of a friend. By November of that year I found a show that I thought I would just jump into. I needed to know if I could do it. Well, that was "Hook, Line and Sinker"!! I recieved 2nd at that show which qualified me for the Nationals!! I loved it and wanted more.

My next show wouldn't be until the following November in 1998. It was the NPC Nationals in Georgia. WOW! What a difference from a local level show.. Still not knowing what I was doing, I recieved 10th place. This is where I met my choreographer Cathy Savage. She took me under her care and knowledge and taught me what I needed to know. Together we were able to start what is now my "CAREER". My 3rd show was the NPC team Universe in 1999. There I respectively took 4th place. Now determined, we worked harder and went to the NPC Nationals in Florida that same year. That is where I recieved my PRO status. I won the Tall Class!! Ever since then, I have been so busy with the fitness industry. But not busy enough for me.. My goal in the industry is to become a well respected role model for all types. And of course, to compete in the Fitness Olympia.

I have competed in 7 professional shows and haven't been fortunate enough to earn my Olympia Qualification. In the meantime, I will always be working on helping who I can to achieve thier Fitness goals.

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