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Luke Wood Tribute Page

Luke Wood Picture


Luke Wood was an Australian bodybuilding champion who because an IFBB pro bodybuilder but retired due to kidneys failure, he was given a kidney transplant operation but sadly his body rejected them and he died at only 35 years old.

From Australia moved to Venice, California, U.S.A.


Height 5 feet 11 inches weight 260 pounds.

Bodybuilding contests won:

1994 Teenage Australia
1995 Junior East Coast Of Australia
1996 Junior Mr. Australia
1998 Mr Australia
1999 2000 Pro Card Division

Luke Wood Workout

Luke had a heard core training approach; here are some tips he shared:

Weight isn't as important as isolation and flexing the muscle worked, for example when working chest he would only use 2 plates on each side but he would concentrate on his chest and not his shoulders or triceps, he says this helped him make his chest his best body part.

He didn't believe in low rep training, he never did singles or 4 to 5 reps; he trained like a bodybuilder rather than like a powerlifter, he did 12 to 15 reps and even higher reps for legs. He also always used perfect form in all exercises.

Another secret he told was his use of giant sets, doing 4 or more exercises in a row with no rest in between!

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