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Maltodextrin Use In Bodybuilding

Maltodextrin is a corn powder. It is used in many dietary supplements. Supplement companies will use maltodextrin in everything from weight gainers, post workout formulas, and lean gainers. You might be wondering how are maltodextrin used in weight gainers AND lean gains and weight loss formulas. The answer to that question maltodextrin on paper does not contain any sugar. So when it is used in a lean gainer or a weight loss formula, the nutrition facts of supplement facts panel will not show any sugar. Newbies will think this is a good thing because their is no sugar in the product. However little do they know that maltodextrin in some cases is WORSE than sugar. You see Maltodextrin has a glycemic rating of 100. Which means it has one of the highest impacts on your hormone insulin. Insulin creates more fat storages in the body, increase fat cells and prevents fat from being used as energy. Therefore you should not use maltodextrin in your weight loss diet plans or lean gain diet plans.

Maltodextrin comes from corn. Therefore it is very cheap to produce. Also, the profit margins when using maltodextrin in weight loss powers and lean powers is huge. That is why a lot of supplement companies choose to use this ingredient.

Maltodextrin can be used in weight gain formulas. However, I rarely recommend using maltodextrin when you are trying to gain weight. Again you are more susceptible to gaining bodyfat than muscle mass. Therefore try to find weight gainers without maltodextrin. I would say 90% of weight gainers have maltodextrin and dextrose as the source of carbohydrates. Sometimes supplement companies will try to fool you by calling it glucose polymers. Do not be fooled by this.

Finally, there are several alternatives to using besides maltodextrin. You can use a product from called Oatmuscle. Oatmuscle is a natural carb that has a low glycemic rating.

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