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Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength Program

Mark Rippetoe is the well-known author of the Starting Strength book and DVD series who presents a thorough group of high intensity protocols for lifting heavy weight. Rippetoe spends a considerable amount of time in the DVDs and book teaching the trainee how to perform the key movements correctly. And the "starting" part is very accurate as Rippetoe takes the whole process apart and examines everything the beginner needs to know. And many veterans as well, who may not be using the best techniques to get the job done. .

Rippetoe centers his training on the powerlifting movements - how to squat, bench and deadlift in the best form, as well as a couple of Olympic style lifts and some other supplemental movements that enable the user to build real, functional muscle strength and the size that goes with it..

Rippetoe even delves into the preparation to lift, and he gets it right here, directing the trainee away from wasting too much time and energy prior to the real work, but at the same time getting the necessary warm up in to prepare for the upcoming heavy loads..

Rippetoe leans more toward the powerlifting and Olympic lifting camps than the bodybuilding angle and this shows in his dietary intake recommendations. He thinks that trainees don’t need to be obsessed with their waistline so much and need to eat more to fuel training and growth. Indeed, he harkens his advice back to the early days of lifting when those who wanted to grow made sure to drink a gallon of milk a day..

One of the strengths of Rippetoe’s strength program is that he very clearly focuses on each key feature of getting the weight moved. The video series, well worth the money paid for actually seeing the exercises done in real time, is superb as Rippetoe goes into almost a freeze frame review of what everyone needs to do. The book is also fantastic and one that everyone needs in their training library.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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