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Markus Reinhardt Tribute Page

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Markus was born in 1970 in Stuttgart, Germany and after losing his brother in a car accident he started training with weights and entered his first bodybuilding competition at 16 and soon managed to move to the USA where he landed in in California.

But his first years in California were tough and it only started making a difference when he met up with Mike Mentzer and watched him train clients in his unique High Intensity Training (HIT) program which is the type of training he still uses today.

In fact Markus later got the nickname Mr High Intensity because of his training style that would push himself beyond his limits which is how he got the perfect body that he did. Markus Reinhardt is now one of the world’s leading experts in High Intensity Training (HIT).

Markus Reinhardt Workout

Markus believes in High Intensity Training (HIT) just the way the old hard core guys trained to perform 6-10 repetitions per set for upper body movements and 10-20 reps for lower body ones. Chest, delts and triceps on one day, legs and calves for the second day followed by a back and biceps workout on the third day.

To quote from his own blog “No routine is written in stone you need to an modify each workout by what is most important - if you don’t wanna build legs then don’t train them intense or not at all. Or if you don’t want your arms to grow any bigger (I seem to have that problem -grin) then just leave em out.”

Although he is not a competitive bodybuilder anymore he does not believe in free weights as strongly as most bodybuilders. He says that there is a lot that can be done working with machines and says that using machines gives you more control so that you can control the weight better.

Note: Markus Reinhardt routine is based on High Intensity Training for more info see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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