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How to Grow Massive Calves

The calves for most guys are a weak point. And itís easy to see why Ė most guys donít work the calves, or if they do, they only do so minimally. And that hurts the body. It hurts the proportion of the body and it makes the legs look bad. Arnold once noted that if you have good thigh development but poor calves, everyone says you have weak legs, but if you have average thigh development and good calves, everyone says you have great legs. So you want to build those calves up to give your legs that powerful look. Here is an exercise to do that.

Calf Extension on Leg Press

This is an unusual use for the leg press but it works great. Your legs are in just the right position to give the calves great stimulation and the leg press machine lets you really load up the poundage and crank out the reps.

So do just that. Put a heavy load on the leg press machine and go to work. This move is great for building mass into the calves, so camp out here. Perform twice the normal sets, getting in 7-8 sets of the calf extension. Get a good full range of motion for each rep. Wait just long enough between sets for the sting of the lift to go away, then jump back in and start pumping out more reps. Perform 10 repetitions per set.

Seated Calf Press

On to the next exercise, which is the seated calf press. This works the calves from a slightly different angle and give them a good workout. You donít need to do nearly as many sets with this as 2-3 will do the job. Once again perform 10 repetitions.

Bodyweight Work

The final portion of the workout is the single leg calf raise on a step. Perform 12 sets of this lift for 10 repetitions on each leg. Focus on a deep stretch on the way down Ė go real deep every set.

Finally, at the end of the workout, pump out a bodyweight only set with both calves. Go for as many reps as you can and get a deep burn. Perform this workout twice a week.

You can have massive calves but you have to work at it so put this workout into play right away.

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