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Mike Christian Tribute Page

Mike Christian Picture

Michael Christian was born December 5th, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio and he has been competing as a professional bodybuilder since 1979 where he first placed in the top three in the AAU Mr. Pacific Coast. But he has just got better and better each year since and went on to get a 3th place in the Mr. Olympia and rumored that he could have easily won it that year.

Mike is 6'1" and competes at a weight of 225 pounds coming in totally ripped with those huge traps that have made him so famous over the years. Christian competed for five years in the IFBB, which got him five wins from some 22 contests that he entered. His onstage career ended after he competed in the short-lived WBF contests of 1991 and 1992. Always one of the most gregarious athletes on the circuit, Christian today runs a successful clothing business.

Mike Christian Workout

Mike was very well known for the gigantic deltoids that he would be able to show whenever he competed and he explained how he got those shoulders. He says that doing the basics like shrugs and military press are still the best for him even though he has trained with many different types of machines.

Mike insists that the only way to get big is to train each body-part twice a week, and this is especially true for shoulders. He explains that he will always go with very heavy movements for eight reps when doing his first workout of the week.

The next time he trains that same body-part later in the week he would do what he calls detailing exercises in the 12-15 rep range. Mike explains that this heavy-light sequence is essential to building bigger and more muscular shoulders.

Mike strongly believes when talking about shoulders that you need to develop all three heads of your deltoids and not just size. Getting all three deltoid heads in proportion to one another is the key to success. Heavy weights alone will not get it done as you still need to alternate the heavy movements with detailing exercises.

He would then do 20 sets each, not resting long between sets and pushing for more reps all the time.

Bill freely admits that there are four muscle groups that he trains six days per week for 6 sets of one different exercise each day.

These are the Forearms, Abs, and the Neck.

He says he would train at about 85-90% of maximum and complete 30 sets per hour or 1 set every two minutes always.

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