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Mike Mentzer's HIT Exercise Bodybuilding DVD

Are you even remotely interested in developing your physique with only 40 min of exercise twice a week? Knowing without a question how to build muscle mass and lose unwanted body fat without wasting countless hours at the gym?

If so, listen up. For many years, Mike Mentzer was helping bodybuilding stars to capture the most prestigious titles, number of Hollywood actors were using his training techniques to get in shape for upcoming movie or a show, and now so can you!

Here's how this all began. Over 25 years ago Arthur Jones, creator of legendary Nautilus Equipment, developed a training system, where athletes could maximize their potential with limited amounts of sets per body-part. After countless studies, Mr. Jones realized that majority of athletes were grossly over-trained. They exercised too frequently and failed to understand that muscles recover and grow in-between workouts. His philosophy became extremely popular among large number of athletes around the world. One of them was young Mike Mentzer, whom at the time was one of the uprising bodybuilding stars. After changing his training entirely, Mike prevailed in some of the most prestigious Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles, where he became the first bodybuilder in history to win it with the perfect score.

Since then, Mike Mentzer worked together with Arthur Jones to perfect already revolutionary training method.

Here's how it works. After a few warm-up sets, which will help you to warm-up your muscles and eliminate chance of injury, you will need to perform only one set per exercise with a maximum of two exercises per muscle group. Sounds easy, not so much.

Here are a few tips:

  • To achieve maximum results, you need to perform each rep with the strict control without throwing and jerking the weight.
  • To utilize three levels of resistance: positive, static and negative.
  • Train no more that every 3-4 days.
  • Perform no more that two sets per muscle group.

Now, you have a rare opportunity to learn how exercise properly and become an expert on High-Intensity Training in the comfort of your living room. Mike Mentzer's HIT Exercise Video will show you all of the mentioned above and more...

Here's what Mike did. He took one of his training clients and without any retakes or editing filmed High-Intensity Training workout. This video became a bestseller and received great reviews.

Training sessions were shot in this order:

  • Chest and Back
  • Legs
  • Shoulders and arms

Each workout shows an incredible way to achieve your fitness/bodybuilding results in the shortest time possible.

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