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Mohamed Makkawy Tribute Page

Mohamed Makkawy Picture

Mohamed was born on August the 29th 1953 in Egypt and has been a successful bodybuilder who owned the stage between 1982 and 1983 in any IFBB competition. At only 5ft 6in and competing at a weight of 190 lbs he is packed with muscle, which is perfectly shaped into a balance and proportion that we don’t see these days.

Mohamed was trained by Vince Geronda when he was alive and we can see the influence that Vince had on him by the way that he sculptured his body to perfection. Mohamed has been a runner up in the Mr.Olympia professional championships and has won 1983 IFBB World Pro competition and many other professional competitions.

Mohamed works as a personal trainer and offers a daily workout and dietary guidance online to paying clients. He is still single and has never married but continues to be completely dedicated to health and fitness and often is used in promotions that Joe and Ben Weider continue to endorse.

Mohamed Makkawy Workout

His training when competing is different to the daily training that he currently does as he does not compete anymore and has not competed for a long time as he is now 60 years old but still very healthy and fit. But when he was training he used volume training as you will see in his sets and reps listed in his training below.

Mohamed Makkawy's Olympia Routine:

* Flat bench press (to neck): 5 x 8
* 20° Bench press (to neck): 5 x 8
* Incline bench press 40°: 5 x 8
* Bent arm pullover: 5 x 8
* Wide grip "Gironda" dips: 5 x 8
* Straight arm pullover: 5 x 10

* High bench rowing: 5 x 8
* Pullups to waist: 5 x 8
* Wide grip chins behind neck: 5 x 8
* Wide grip pulldowns to chest: 5 x 8

* Hack squat: 5 x 8
* Seated pulley leg squeeze: 5 x 10
* Thigh curl: 5 x 10
* Thigh extension: 5 x 8
* Roman chair: 5 x 10
* Flat thigh extensions: 5 x 8
* Seated calf raise: 5 x 15
* Standing calf raise: 5 x 15

* Lying leg raise: 5 x 15 to 25
* Hanging leg raise: 5 x 15 to 25
* Hanging knee–in: 5 x 15 to 25
* Bent knee situps: 5 x 15 to 25
* Twisting situps: 5 x 15 to 25
* Cross ankle crunches: 5 x 15 to 25

* Wide grip rows: 5 x 8
* 45° lateral raise: 5 x 8
* Kneeling cable raise: 5 x 8
* Bent over cable raise: 5 x 8
* Lateral raise: 5 x 8
* Cable lateral raise: 5 x 8

* Incline dumbbell curl: 5 x 8
* EZ Bar curls: 5 x 8
* Cable short range seated curls: 5 x 10

Triceps * Parallel bar dips: 5 x 8 * Bent over triceps kickbacks: 5 x 8 * Triceps rope pulls: 5 x 8

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