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How to Increase One Rep Max Bench Press

The bench press is one of the true strength lifts other than the squat. It is a measuring stick for one to see how strong they are. If you are an experienced lifter, or, if you have no experience at all, you want to be able to have a really good max bench press.

If you are an inexperienced lifter, and you are wanting to see what your max bench press is, then you would be advised to use a spotter. The number one rule for lifting any weight is to use a spotter so they can be watching your lift and making sure you are able to complete the lift.

Once you have been lifting for a while, you can try to increase your one rep max bench press. It is good to be lifting for a while so not only your muscles, but all your tendons and ligaments have gotten stronger by the repetitive lifting. Again, make sure you are always using a spotter.

To increase your one rep max bench press, you need to lift heavy weight. Whether that is the bench press itself or other exercises, you need to make sure that you are lifting heavy weights for six to ten reps. You do not need to be lifting light weights and go over this number of repetitions, since this will not get you any closer to increasing that max bench press.

You need to only lift weights every other day for a certain body part. You do not lift and work the same body part two days in a row since this will not allow your muscles to rest and grow. Rest is incredibly important, just like your nutrition.

To allow for the greatest strength gains, you need to make sure you eat lean proteins like chicken and fish. Lean turkey and chicken breast should also be included in your diet.

Perform other strength exercises like cable pushdowns, to increase your tricep strength. Perform the military press to not only increase the strength in your shoulders but your triceps as well. It works your tricep muscles in a different way. Also, perform flys with dumbells to increase the strength in your pectoral muscles.

All of these combined will help you get much stronger and increase the one rep max bench press.

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