Partial Reps

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What are Partial Reps

If you have been following the standard training approach you may not have bumped into the partial reps training style. Partial reps were big several decades ago but have fallen out of style in the mainstream bodybuilding arena. Partial reps, however, can provide specific benefits and should be considered for use in a training cycle.

Partial reps are somewhat self-explanatory you only perform part of a repetition. You forego the full range of motion and just concentrate on a (much) shorter range.

Benefits of Partial Reps

What does the partial do for you? There are a few different positives to using partials. Obviously you can use heavier weight. You can employ maximum weight loads for partial movements, and that is the most common manner in which those who use partials work with them. You use partials to introduce your muscles to an entirely new level of hard-core muscle contraction with gigantic weight loads.

There is a second manner in which partials can be used to benefit the body that often goes overlooked. This is an old school approach that is super effective. Instead of going after the muscle in its most powerful position, you instead find the weakest link and work on it with the partials. For example, if you are powerful toward the top of your bench but have a hard time at the bottom region, you focus your partial training on that area.

With this weak point partial training you perform multiple sets in the range where you are weak, until you build it up. Or if your standing press is weak in the middle, you focus on that middle area and perform a partial movement until it comes up to speed.

Partials generally require power rack work since you want to deliberately limit the range of your work, use heavy weight, and need the safety factor. But it is well worth either buying a power rack or finding a gym that has power racks so that you can put partial rep training into play in your training routine.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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