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Paul DeMayo Tribute Page

Paul DeMayo Picture

Paul Demayo was born on September 12, 1967 in California and he grew up in the suburbs of Boston. His nickname is "Quadzilla" because of his enormous quads that resemble those quads of pros like Tom Platz but matched with the upper body size.

It is extremely unfortunate for the bodybuilding world that Paul died on June 2, 2005 from what his friends have explained as a heroin overdose and not related to steroids. Rumors floating around at the time of his death suggested that it was steroids that killed him but that seems not to be the case at all.

Paul certainly had all that it takes to make it as a highly successful professional bodybuilder. Along with being blessed with incredible genetics that he had for gaining muscle he also seemed to have the intelligence and the required rigorous discipline that it requires to be successful at bodybuilding professionally.

Paul did well competitively right from the start and he won the Teenage Massachusetts State championships which is what got him going. His first National Physique Committee (NPC) event was in 1994 where he took the 1st place in the NPC Nationals Championship event.

Paul was signed on by Met-Rx and his contract required him to compete in the Mr. Olympia which Paul at the time was not happy about doing. But he nevertheless competed and still looked good enough to take 12th place in the top professional bodybuilding event of the year in 1995.

Paul DeMayo had been featured in countless fitness and magazine articles and was also featured on the cover of IRON MAN magazine.

Paul DeMayo Workout

The training that Paul did was extremely effective and also very wise for a man as young as he was. He was intelligent enough to not fall into the often pitted hole of trying to lift the heaviest weight that we can and just getting injured.

The type of training that Paul did was all about focus and learning to use the weight to isolate the targeted muscle. In Paulís own words if you just lift the heaviest weights that you can in the gym the only thing you will go home with is sore joints and not sore muscles.

What makes Paulís intelligent training that he did even more surprising is that he has never injured himself while training. He has never broken a bone and never even torn a tendon which is something that a lot of professional bodybuilders cannot say.

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