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Pendulum Bodybuilding Workout

Have you gotten into the swing of Pendulum training? Pendulum training is a format that has you bounce back and forth between training targets on a frequent basis. These targets are – functional gains for strength, functional gains for power, and structural gains for hypertrophy (size building). You employ all of these training types in one cycle but concentrate on one type at a time, and then move on to the next. This is different than the type of training styles that scoop everything into a single workout. The pendulum approach does address each area, but over the course of a full cycle, not a single workout.

The rotation in the workouts is designed to not let any area of the muscles become detrained, so the rotation is fairly frequent – hence the pendulum name. The goal with pendulum training is to build a very broad capacity level into the body.

The pendulum points (functional strength, etc.) can be set up in a multitude of manners. You can use a powerlifting specific pendulum, or a bodybuilding specific approach, or whatever your chief goal is. And just as these factors can vary, so can the sets and reps. The one central factor is to keep all of the body’s muscle systems under some level of stress during the cycle.

The pendulum training approach is a great tool for increasing muscle mass. Powerlifters and Olympic style lifters can use it to add variety to their training and to take some of the stress off their central nervous system.

The Pendulum training system is one of the better tools for building an athletic, multifaceted physique. Due to the ability to aptly add explosive and strength training while not compromising the bodybuilding elements, this may be one of the best bodybuilding friendly cycles a lifter can use.

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