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Pete Sisco Training Workout Routine

Pete Sisco's way to grow big and strong

If you read much in the area of bodybuilding books chances are you have bumped into Peter (Pete) Sisco’s writing. He was the editor for Ironman's Ultimate Bodybuilding series and has co-written several other books, including Static Contraction and Power Factor Training. He also has an e-book on HIT entitled "The Truth about HIT (High Intensity Training)". What is that truth? Pete points out on his blog:

"The "ah-ha moment" for me came when I learned about the role of intensity in causing muscle growth. It's one of those things that makes perfect sense. A skinny guy can lift 100 pounds one time, a guy with bulging muscles can lift 400 pounds one time. Fine. We understand that big muscles can lift more. But the skinny guy can rest a bit and lift 100 pounds four times. So he also lifted a total of 400 pounds. Why isn't he as strong? Why aren't his muscles as big? It's obvious. He took more time to lift 400 pounds than the big guy took. So muscle building isn't just about what you can lift, it's equally about how much time it takes you to lift it. And that, my friends, is the definition of intensity."

And so Pete is a high intensity advocate, but in a very unique manner. This includes static contraction training, which is holding a weight in one position for a long period of time (5-10 seconds). And Pete makes it even more unique in recommending one of these workouts as little as only once every 3-4 weeks. In essence Peter has taken Mike Mentzer's idea of lifting super hard and very infrequently and mixed that with a static training approach to come up with an entirely new program.

Does it work? Many people who have tried this approach report good gains. Of course it is not for the athlete, who needs a full range of motion and movement through the actions that are performed in their chosen sport, but it can provide a super challenging training cycle to try out. And there is no question it is challenging, particularly for movements like the squat, where you have to hold the legs in a mid position.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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