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Does Power Factor Training Work?

Power Factor Training is an offshoot of High Intensity Training, the seminal system and book by John Little and Peter Sisco, hit the bodybuilding world with a blast several years ago.

The Power Factor approach to training features a power index, where the amount of total weight load you lift plays a key role in helping you move up in the heavy partial movements you perform. How quick you lift it also counts. By pushing forward on the power index you steadily increase the amount of weight you move. The Power Factor also requires the user to accurately track each workout in full and keep a detailed record for all training.

The Power Factor approach is not just to boost your volume, however, but to boost the volume you can lift within a certain time period. Indeed, you track not just weight load, sets and reps, but also the time in which you perform the work.

The partials in the Power Factor routine are extremely limited in the range of motion. This allows the user to really load up on the amount of weight that is used in any particular movement. The program encourages you to use ever heavier weights and to bump up the plate load as much as you can.

One other element touted by Power Factor adherents is the safety factor. Using standard range of motion can leave you more vulnerable to injury. The limited range of the Power Factor workout seems to keep the injury issue low.

A power rack is an essential element in the Power Factor Training approach, so to get the most out of this training you need to have consistent access to a good power rack and a strong bench.

Full range of motion isn't totally abandoned, but is used as an occasional test to see if the Power Factor is working on the trainee’s muscles.

The Power Factor Training approach provides a very challenging training cycle for anyone and at any level.

Note: For more information on on the best form of High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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