Preventing Bodybuilding Injuries

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Bodybuilders' Guide to Preventing Injury

If youíre into bodybuilding, youíll workout vigorously, therefore itís vital to ensure your muscles don't get injured. Prior to starting, do some reading about safety when it comes to how you practice your craft as a bodybuilder. This includes correct methods of lifting weights, and doing warm ups plus cool downs.

Important Points

Correctly warming up along with cooling down after your workout Ė this is the most vital factor to pay attention to. Take a quarter-hour minimum to warm up, a third of that being a mild cardiovascular activity like running and the other two thirds for stretches that get you loosened up and prepared for exercise. Do a bit of gentle weight-lifting prior to starting with heavy activity so that the muscular fibers are prepared for enduring the upcoming work and strain.

Realize the Limitations

A further important point to be aware of is that one should realize the personal limitations of every activity performed, as people vary, therefore you shouldnít attempt raising a greater amount of weight than whatís realistically a good idea, to avoid injury. Ensure the training session is vigorous, however donít ever give up your proper positioning just to attempt to raise a more heavy weight, since that opens the door to a bad situation. When one is weightlifting, they ought not to have trouble doing a minimum of 8 repetitions. On the chance they cannot, they should lower the weightís amount till theyíve become stronger. You will have the best result if you just push near to the maximum you can do rather than overexerting. You will see that you will become the most defined and have the most heightening of muscular tissue amount if youíll make sure to just be near that limit instead of attempting to no avail to go past where you really can.


In the case of very heavy weightlifting, there needs to be someone to spot you, particularly at times during which youíre executing activities like bench presses. Preferably the one spotting you would be about as strong as you are, since that would enable them to effectively assist in case youíve suddenly gotten into a tricky situation. Ensure they get paid back by getting help from you when itís their turn to do the lifting. Itís best for the person spotting to be the same as who partners up with you regularly, because in the case that something happened, itís good for the one whoís there to be someone youíre known by. He or she would be ideal for helping those who work at the gym to contact whoever needs to be contacted. Also theyíd be the best person to assist you in feeling encouraged and reaching the aims you had set.

After being advised as to the right way to hold and conduct yourself and when youíre aware of what regime youíll be doing when you train on weights, give this a shot: use a mirror to see how youíre doing and make sure itís right, because itís very possible one could get injured if they donít maintain proper ways of positioning themselves and moving. In a situation where youíre partnering with someone, they can watch for this too and help monitor things. Otherwise, have a staff member do so. Adhere to fundamental basics while being sensible to ensure you easily stay on track. Also, ensure your weightlifting regime is sound and known to work, rather than just playing it by ear, so as to steadily and safely make progress.

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