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Quincy Taylor Tribute Page

Quincy Taylor Picture

Quincy Taylor is a professional bodybuilder and at 6'4" with around 360 pounds of muscle on him we can why this man is the biggest on the pro circuit at the moment. Quincy was born on Jul 12, 1969 and is currently married and living in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

Quincy grew up in North Las Vegas and was always a natural athlete competing in athletics from an early age. He explains that the reason why he started bodybuilding in the first place was because he was always picked on by his seniors in high school and actually was knocked out by one of them.

Although working his legs are his favorite exercises he explains that the reason why his legs are so important is because he is tall and he always needs to make sure that his core strength is the best that it can be. Paul explains that starting out at an early age of only 12 years old helped him a lot.

Quincy says that his inspiration was Shawn Ray and his training, his posing and his general attitude in professional bodybuilding is what has always inspired him to continue. He explains that he does not have control over events that happen in his life but he has control of his discipline and his training and that is why he loves bodybuilding so much.

Quincy Taylor Workout

Quincy explains that by the age of 16 he was able to bench-press 425lbs and he only weighed 175lbs. Today Quincy can bench-press over 610lbs which is obviously why he is able to hold so much muscle on his huge frame. But training with extremely heavy weights is not his style.

Quincy explains that training correctly is the only way to build muscles constantly. He says that it is all about how well you are able to isolate a muscle group when you are training it. Volume training and reps are the only way that he says that he can build muscle permanently.

Quincy explains the he always trains in the rep ranges of 10-15 reps plus he says that he is always posing while he is training which helps him to isolate the muscle he is working on more effectively. He says that he trains for an hour and a half to two hours per workout.

You may be surprised to hear that Quincy insists that he also does cardio on the stair stepper for 45 minutes and that all his training with weights are mostly medium heavy weights. But when we consider that he can bench 610lbs then we need to think about what Quincy means when he says ‘medium-heavy’ weights.

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