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How Long Should You Rest Between Sets

Just how long should you rest between sets? There is a tremendous range of time between sets. In a Tabata workout, the rest is only 10 seconds, while a powerlifter may take up to 5 minutes between sets.

The key to know is that there is no single best time frame. You can feel free to vary the time you take between sets. Generally, working quicker (minimal rest time between sets) helps crank up the metabolism quicker. And longer sessions are used to allow the lifter to be able to lift more, as is the case of the powerlifter.

Thirty Eight Seconds

The time it takes for the muscle to recover 98 percent of their power after a hard core set is 38 seconds, according to research. So Tabata training, with its 10 second per set rest period, is working on borrowed time, and you canít make maximum lifts after the first set. That means that while Tabata training lets you mix anaerobic and aerobic action in one tight sequence of sets, you wonít be able to get in any real heavy lifts.

Powerlifting style action is the opposite Ė you won't be working up much aerobic action but you will be able to hoist very heavy weight loads with your lifts as you have plenty of rest between those sets.

You can also opt for the mid point range, which is where most bodybuilders train, getting 1-2 minutes rest between sets. So there is no single best time, but you can alternate the times to put different types of stimulation on the body. Use different rest sets in a cyclical fashion.

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