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Richard Jones Tribute Page

Richard Jones Picture

Richard Jones is no ordinary man and although he comes from a very poor family with 8 brothers and sisters and raised in the projects in East Boston USA, he still has a winning attitude. In fact Richard himself says that he was born to win and always works a little bit harder to achieve anything that he wants.

Richard is not only extremely well read with a bachelor's degree in Business Development and currently studying for his MBA at the University of California, Santa Barbara but he writes on a regular basis. He explained that he has been writing short stories all his life and will one day get published.

Richards childhood in Boston in the projects started out tough and he excelled in everything he did from football to karate because he was a born athlete. Richard stands 5'7" tall and has an off-season bodyweight of around 235 pounds. He competes at 198 pounds always coming in ripped to shreds with good proportions and symmetry.

When Richard decided to enter his first bodybuilding competition at the tender age of 18 he said to himself that he will make bodybuilding his only sport if he wins. Richard went on to win every competition he entered for two years without stopping.

Richard Jones Workout

Richard Jones did volume training, the workout that he does on a regular basis is something that he is constantly changing and since his official retirement from competitive bodybuilding in 2007 it is best to list the workouts that he was doing for abs. Below is what he was doing before a competition for abs only.

He would alays start his abs workouts with the Ab Wheel doing 4 sets to the point of failure and then he would do:

Rope Crunch 4 25
Hanging Leg Raise 4 20-25
Seated Knee-Up 4 10

The ab wheel is something that Richard would attribute to the reason why he always had razor shape abs. Richard always said that this is an extremely hard exercise, that he would always make sure that he gets it out of the way first. Richard says. "I don’t count reps on this." Centre the ab wheel about 4–6 inches in front of your knees, which are slightly apart. Your arms should be straight down from your shoulders, elbows slightly bent.

He would always make sure that form is everything when doing the ab wheel and he would make sure that he would slowly roll the wheel out in front of him. "Don't go too far out the first time until you build some strength in your abs and auxiliary muscles: your back and triceps," Richard cautions. "I get a nice stretch all the way out; my torso ends up probably 2–3 inches off the floor."

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