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Robby Robinson Tribute Page

Robby Robinson Picture

Robby Robinson was born on May 24, 1946 in Damascus, Georgia, but raised in Tallahassee, Florida. After high school he went to Florida A&M University and competed in football as well as some track & field. When he was at University he noticed how quickly he responded to training with weights.

He started competing in bodybuilding shows at an early age and established his name as "The Black Prince". He got his Pro-card in 1975 and in his first year of competing he won the IFBB Mr. America, Mr World and Mr Universe titles. He was without a doubt the best bodybuilder in the world during that first year.

He did not get worse, the competition just got better and better but he never stopped competing and has earned the well-deserved Masters Olympia overall champion in 1994. That was the first year that the event was held where he won the 50+ division. He did the same again in 1997 and 2000.

Robby Robinson Workout

Today Robby is well over 65 and he still says that he is the best shape of his life. It is something that he has always said and he shares his badass workout routines as well as some very useful nutritional advice on with his “Built” DVD. Robby has also made a name for himself about being so outspoken about the corruption in sports and bodybuilding specifically.

However this does not diminish the enormous contribution that he has made to the increasing health consciousness which started in Venice beach where he has spent over 40 years. Below is a sample of the type of training that got Robby those gigantic arms with balance and separation.

Robbie says no rest between sets you need to push even if the weight you lift goes down, you are looking for failure all the time. From Zottman curls to barbell and Preacher Curl’s his back sets and reps for biceps are 4 sets of 15-20, 5-10, 5-10, 5-10 reps.

For Triceps he says that you need to also not rest between sets and from Lying Triceps extension/Scullcrushers to close-grip bench-press he says do 4 sets of 15-20, 5-10, 5-10, 5-10 reps. When doing this type of training on your arms it should be done alone and not with any other body-part.

Robbie speaks with passion about the importance of nutrition and continues in his contribution to the awareness and knowledge of living longer. To be and physically capable as he is at 70 years old is a living example to us all.

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