S.A.I.S Mass Building Routine

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S.A.I.S Mass Building Workout

Do you know what S.A.I.S. An acronym? For what? S.A.I.S. is an acronym for Specific Adaption to Imposed Stress. This program gets quite specific by targeting the muscles from a holistic approach going after all three of the major fiber muscle types.

The muscles are composed of three primary types high end fast twitch fiber, fast twitch fiber, and slow twitch fiber. Most training only stimulates one or infrequently two of these types. By not addressing all three fiber types you leave your muscle development incomplete. S.A.I.S. Mass Building, however, provides the tools to stimulate all three of these muscle types.

What makes S.A.I.S. Mass Building so unique is not just that it goes after all three of the muscle types, something most programs fail miserably at, S.A.I.S. works all three of the muscle fibers in a single workout. That is, in order to tax the muscles with the most workload, to push top muscle cell growth, all three muscle types must be engaged.

The S.A.I.S. system acknowledges that not only are there three different and unique types of muscle fiber but also provides a path to reach each type with specific training.

So how does the S.A.I.S program have it all put together? Each exercise can be set up to work all three types of muscle fiber. Here is how. The first three sets are belong to high end fast twitch work. This translates into explosive style lifting with heavy weights. The rep amount is six per set, for a total of eighteen fast movements of the weight. S.A.I.S. allows a generous time between sets of five minutes.

The intermediate fast twitch muscle fiber is the next target, and sets four and five focus on this muscle, with 10 repetitions per set. The weight load is not quite as heavy, and is not moved as fast as it is in the high end fast twitch work. A three minute rest is allowed between these sets.

The final set is a single set consisting of 20 slow repetitions that keeps the muscles under stress for an extended period of time.

That group of sets of varying styles really taxes the muscles from every angle. With one exercise they get hit hard and are forced to adapt with growth.

The S.A.I.S. is quite different from other training programs and is one of the smartest training constructions on the market. If you are searching for something completely different, give the S.A.I.S. program a deeper look.

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