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Serge Nubret Tribute Page

Serge Nubret Picture

Serge Nubret made a huge impact on the world of bodybuilding and gained a reputation all over the world as "The Black Panther". Serge was born on October 6, 1938 in Anse-Bertrand, Guadeloupe and died on April 19, 2011. He was a French professional bodybuilder and a very successful bodybuilding federation leader, movie actor and author.

Serge arrived in France at the age of 12 and decided that bodybuilding was his mission in life and he has since made enormous contributions to the sport. He was one of the founding members of WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Assoc.)

He also was the head of the France and Europe IFBB bodybuilding federation from 1970 to 1975. Serge was also a successful actor and starred in over 25 different movies and has fans from all over the world who believe that he was part of the Golden Age of bodybuilding when balance and harmony were keys to all his achievements.

Serge appeared in the film Pumping Iron alongside Lou and Arnold, which was done before the 1975 Mr. Olympia, which Arnold won, and Serge in second place. After he published his second book which was a 400+ page autobiography entitled "Seventy Years Young" in 2009 he slipped into a coma and died two years later in 2011.

Height = Six Foot Tall
Weight = Two Hundred Pounds

Bodybuilding titles won:
1958 Mr. Guadeloupe
1960 IFBB World Most Muscular Man
1970 IFBB Mr. Europe
1976 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1977 WBBG Pro Mr. World 1977 WBBG Mr. Olympus
1982 WABBA Pro World Championships

Serge Nubret Training

Serge was the original old school bodybuilder who concentrated on having an aesthetically pleasing physique rather than being a mass monster full of muscle only. Ironically it is this type of vomule training that has recently proven to be the best type of training one can do to gain muscle.

The Serge Nubret workout uses relatively light weights but doing high reps and high sets all in perfect form. He did 1 hour per body part, 2 body parts per day, and trained every muscle group twice a week.

An example for chest he would do bench press by choosing a light weight(for him) and do as many sets of perhaps 10-12 reps with very little rest between sets and at a fast pace. He believed in the greates amount of work within a given time.

The objective when training for Serge was to force as much blood into the muscle as possible for as long as possible, bringing vital nutrients into the muscle to aid growth. Because he trained with a relatively low weight routine with low rest periods he was able to gain an enormously impressive physique. He would use one minute rest periods MAX and aiming for rest periods of 30 seconds.

He would "peak" for a contest by constantly picking up the pace of his workout. If something took him 60 minutes to finish he would constantly work to bring down the time.

Serge used to train his abs every day and was known to do well over 2000 sit-ups in one day. He would train Monday: Chest, Quads and Abs, Tuesday: Back, Hamstrings and Abs, Wednesday: Shoulders, Arms, Calves and Abs, Thursday: Chest, Quads and Abs, Friday: Back, Hamstrings and Abs, Saturday: Shoulders, Arms, Calves and Abs, Sunday: Rest (abs only).

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