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Skinny Guys How To Bulk Up Quickly

What if you own one of those bodies that does not take on much muscle and only takes on the muscle it does at a snail’s pace?  Let’s say you’re 6 feet tall or more and only weigh about 150 pounds. If you’re looking to become muscular you have a problem. Without gaining a considerable amount of weight, you will not be able to gain muscle mass, and then be able to define that mass. What can you do to safely put on weight in less than a month?

Let’s begin by debunking any notions you might have of a miracle cure courtesy of dietary supplements. Actually, it’s not that there aren’t decent products out there, but you need to know they’re useless if you don’t first attend to your diet. Begin by first substantially increasing your daily intake of calories.

What’s a good guideline? You need to eat more than basic minimum requirement of calories. You calculate your BMR by multiplying your weight by 20. That tells you how many calories you should be taking in at minimum each day. Then add 500 calories to that and you should be on your way to gaining weight. Of course, continue your workouts.

Getting those additional calories should be done intelligently and mindfully. Shun junk foods. If you tend to get filled up pretty quickly, the last thing you want to do is fill up with empty calories. Save yourself for the high quality calories. What foods should you be eating?

Look toward sources of high quality protein. If you’re not eating red meat, add a little to your diet. Eat chicken and fish. Eggs are an important source of calories and very high quality protein. But don’t think that the protein you need is only available from animal sources. You can combine beans and grains such as rice to create complete protein dishes. To add calorie packing carbs to your diet, eat more pasta and whole wheat bread.  To make sure you’re adhering to higher caloric diet each day, begin to keep a record of what you eat.

If you’ve been skinny your whole life, there’s a good chance that you can’t consume too much food at one time. Break up the day’s calorie intake into 6 small and medium size meals throughout the day.

Don’t be concerned about drinking protein and weight gaining shakes until you’ve settle nicely into a higher caloric diet. Once you have, you can add a shake or two each day. Drinking a protein shake some time after a good workout will deliver valuable protein to your muscles as they start their rebuilding process. Be careful that you don’t substitute a protein shake for a meal, however convenient.

Patience is vital. The body can only put on a couple of pounds of muscle- as opposed to pounds of fat- per month. If you expect fast, dramatic gains, you will be disappointed and ripe for being suckered by manufactures hawking products that claim to do what your body simply can’t.

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