Static Contraction Training

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What is Static Contraction Training

You may be familiar with the term “static stretching” in which you reach and hold – stretching your body out and holding that position. The resistance here is minimal. For static contraction training, you hold a position but you do so under resistance.

Static Contraction Training is an outgrowth of the old Charles Atlas Dynamic-Tension training routine. In that system the body was put into a position where the muscle was exerting effort against an immovable object. This position was then held for a period of several seconds with maximum effort exerted against the object.

The newer approach (popularized by Pete Sisco and John Little in the book by the same name) to this method is to use a heavy weight load in an extremely limited range. For instance, a leg press or bench press movement is performed for the final two inches of the action. And the weight is held in place for several seconds instead of being lowered back down immediately. The rest of the range of motion is ignored. Static Contraction training generally requires the use of equipment such as a leg press machine and power rack to hold the large amounts of weight lifted since safety is a concern with these monster weight loads.

Benefits of Static Contraction Training

The benefits of static contraction training are the ability to use enormous weights. You can also generate extreme intensity in employing this style of working out. Another advantage is extremely brief workouts and the ability to work several muscle groups in a single session. This type of training is also conducive to more time off between workouts, which benefits the recovery process as well.

Static Contraction Training has been shown to produce some very quick results in the people who use it as prescribed. Impressive muscle and strength gains have been noted after just a short period of working out and it is easy to see why – it is a totally different approach that suddenly shocks the muscles and forces them to grow like crazy.

If you have never tried Static Contraction Training you need to give this unique approach a shot and watch what it can do for your muscles. And you will have plenty of extra time to enjoy outside the gym as well.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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