Staying Motivated to Workout

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Ways to Stay Motivated

Building strength, muscle and/or burning fat does not happen overnight, progressive resistance comes from progressively changing something in your workout. From the sets and reps, you use to lift the weight, to the rest time taken between sets, all need some kind of progression in order to see results.

It takes motivation and intent to train consistently and the following ways have been identified as the most important factors to help keep you motivated. Passion, incentive and emotions are the cornerstones to getting and staying motivated. Passion is not an easy word to define, so weíll first look at what passion is NOT. Passion is not just the need to achieve a specific goal, itís a lot more than that because it doesnít mean doing endless hours of training, or setting unrealistic goals.

Passion comes from wanting to train with perfect practice which means perfect for your own specific objective that you want to achieve. Passion is not some vague goal you saw someone else have, itís not just training to win or the ability to cope, passion is all-consuming in order to recruit all the explosive force of your will need to be the best you can be.

Your incentive to train is the mother of the motivation you can generate when training. Your "intrinsic" incentive to reach a specific goal is not something you can feel or touch, thatís your extrinsic rewards like money or a trophy.

Your incentive to seek the intrinsic rewards like feeling better about yourself is often greater than seeking financial rewards, like winning cash and a trophy at some competition. But that could be an important key motivation for you to train harder or stick to your training plan.

The following few steps need to be taken in order to set up your specific goals that you set. The first step is to set realistic and achievable short-term goals and setting up a training schedule on exactly how you are going to achieve those goals.

Making pain and fatigue work for you and not against you, is the key to success so that you are constantly challenging your yourself and training outside of your comfort zone. You can develop a positive aggression while training, that might increase the size of your ego, but it is controlled ALWAYS.

Believe it or not your emotional state can play an important role in developing the motivation you need to train. How you feel deep inside can affect the way you train and your ability to recover after a strenuous workout.

The important factors that affect your emotional stability include your sex life, your family life, your job and your daily schedule and how you stick to it. These are all vitally important aspects that you need to attend to so that you keep motivated.

The best book I have ever found on increaing motivation is Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

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