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High Intensity Training for Muscle Mmass and Strength

There are many different ways to train your body and Steve Wedan offers what he feels is the way to get the fastest results. The most important thing to consider when training for mass and strength is to train your body using High Intensity Training (HIT).

The general idea of HIT is to take a certain, limited number of exercises and work them to utter failure, and to do so only often enough to stimulate growth but not to exhaust one's recovery ability. Hit has been developed and improved over the last 30 years to incorporate a slightly different mix of sets and reps than it did when it first started.

Steve was an advocate of HIT training, which is something that he experimented with to establish the best way to get results without going into over-training. This was a big concern for many bodybuilders who were not taking steroids and always looking for a better and more effective way to train.

The use of basic exercises trained a maximum of only three times a week was what the definition of HIT eventually became. They would do one to three sets of every movement turning it into a very punishing workout, which needed lots of rest and recuperation in order to repair correctly.

Although there is a not a lot of information on Steve Wedan and the exact workout that he did it seems that he agreed to always try to improve the effectiveness of using the HIT technique that was so effectively promoted by Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, Mike Mentzer, etc.

Note: For more information on High Intensity Training see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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