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Stuart McRobert Workout for Hardgainers

Stuart Mcrobert is the author of two very successful bodybuilding books called “Brawn” and “Beyond Brawn”. Below is a copy of the program that he says will produce results, which he willingly shares exactly how and why it will work. The workout below is done twice a week with only doing 2 to 4 sets of each movement. His reasons for doing this are very specific. On volume for example he says that the total number of sets per workout should be low for two reasons and the first reason is to give you the best chance of training intensively enough to stimulate muscle growth. He says that training too much will immediately have the opposite effect.

He stresses that the more sets you do, the less likely you are to train hard enough when you do train. His second point is to help facilitate speedy recovery between workouts. Which Stuart explains is the most important ingredient along with frequency.

His recommendation that the whole body is NOT worked more than once a week has met with a lot of opposition over the years. He says that training the whole body twice of even three times a week is counter-productive and results in over-training. Stuart explains that training with less volume may be applied effectively a lot more frequently than a greater volume of training. But he says that any greater frequency of workouts for a given body part could mean more bouts of growth stimulation.

This may sound like a contradiction but he strongly believes an advanced bodybuilder may progress well while training each body part just once a week, but that approach isn’t ideal for a beginner. Which he says does not have the knowledge or the strength to maintain hard and intense workouts.

Stuart says that the art of getting a good training program together and making it work for you is to find the balance between intensity and volume which yields the most frequent bouts of growth stimulation YOU CAN RECOVER FROM in order to yield muscle growth and strength increase.

He explains in detail how it only takes two brief full-body routines each week, with just one of them involving the deadlift, has proven itself to work and is the best way to go. Two workout days and five recovery days each week is terrific for all levels of drug-free bodybuilding.

General warmup
a. Squat
b. Bench press or parallel bar dip
c. Pulldown or prone rows
d. Calf work
e. Back extension
f. Crunch situps
g. Grip work
Cool down

General warmup
a. Sumo deadlift or stiff-legged deadlift
b. Overhead press
c. Curl
d. Side bend
e. Neck work
f. Lying L-fly (rotator cuff)
Cool down

Note: Stuart McRobert’s workouts are based on HIT or High Intensity Training for more info see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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