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Tom Platz Tribute Page

Tom Platz Picture

Tom Platz was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma the 26th of June 26, 1955, He is a retired IFBB and World Bodybuilding Federation pro bodybuilder. He is still called by the nickname "The Golden Eagle".

Tom considers himself a bodybuilder, an actor and a businessman and he has been successful at all of them.

220 pounds

Bodybuilding title won:
1973 AAU Mr. Adonis
1973 AAU Mr. Iron Man
1975 AAU Mr. Michigan
1977 AAU Mr. Southeastern
1978 IFBB Mr. Universe

Tom Platz Workout

Platz is still known for having the best legs of all time. He trained with both high volume (high sets and high reps) and high intensity (heavy weights and taking sets to muscle failure and beyond).

Here is the workout that built his massive legs:

Exercise         Sets   Reps

Squats *         8-10   5-20
Hack squats       5    10-15
Leg extensions   5-8   10-15
Lying leg curls  6-10  10-15
* Squats performed deep and strict and pyramided to more than 600 pounds.

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