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Tony Pearson Tribute Page

Tony Pearson Picture

Tony Pearson was born in January 11, 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee and he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Tony had a very unfortunate start in life coupled with excessive abuse and growing up in foster homes. He was taken under the care and guidance of the great Arnold himself who helped him become one of the top professional bodybuilders of all time.

Tony started with sport where he when he was a member of his school's wrestling team and then suffered a serious knee injury. This is when he started weight training as a way to rehabilitate his knee and soon got surprised at how quickly his body responded to weight training.

After moving to Venice Beach when he made a decision to be a professional bodybuilder he met up with and started training with Ken Waller, Dave Johns, and Samir Bannout were all connected to Turner's gym. But his life changed when he met Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger on Muscle Beach, who later became his mentor.

The vision that Arnold had about him becoming a successful bodybuilder was proven correct when you entered and won Mr. America in 1978. With his very symmetrical lines and razor sharp definition he earned the nickname as the "The Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding."

In 2007, Pearson was inducted into the "Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Hall of Fame" in Venice Beach, CA. Tony is 5 ft 8 in and competes at between 200205 lbs. With 20 inch arms and a 29 inch waist he makes for a good bodybuilder that has beaten many successful bodybuilders in his time.

Tony Pearson Workout

The type of training that Tony does to get into the best shape in his life is something that Tony himself admits is extremely non-specific and can only be categorized as instinctive training. His workouts vary according to his mood and the "feel" of that day's training.

Tony believes the mind controls the body and says it's hard to put into words or even explain to his training partners. He explains that his training goes strictly into a "mental current workout" and everything is shut out and he literally wills physio-electrically of that body part he is working to grow with his vast resources of nerve energy.

The best way to explain his workouts is to talk about his arm workout that he does which he starts by doing triceps. He would start with standing triceps extensions, using a heavy dumbbell. Tony doesn't have any pre-determined number of sets or reps and just goes by the feel.

Every set will be done to failure, followed by forced reps and then negatives as Tony and his workout partner go through the sets with constant encouragement to each other. Tony would not rest at all between movements or sets never taking any rest or breather and going non-stop.

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