Triceps Machine Workout

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The Machine Workout for the Triceps

There are a variety of ways to train the triceps and one of these is with a "machine only" workout. Certainly barbells and dumbbells are great for training the triceps, but every now and then it pays to try something different to stir the muscles up a bit. That's exactly what this routine will do.

Hammer Extension Machine

The first exercise is on the hammer extension machine . This is performed on a machine that has you extent your arms out while holding handles that lift a weight. One big advantage is the use of pads under the arm. This acts to prevent the elbows from drifting forward and with this result the machine may be better than using barbells or dumbbells. Thatís because most people let those elbows drift forward and donít even realize it. This machine prevents that from happening. This is a great exercise for the triceps.

And since it is so good on the triceps, perform five sets of 10 reps per set.

Hammer Dip

Another good machine for the triceps is the hammer dip machine. You donít actually dip but you make a pressing motion like the dip. Instead of lowering and raising your body, you lower and raise the weight load. No cheating - press all the way out for a full extension on every rep. Perform four sets of eight reps.

Cable Pushdown

The classic cable pushdown is the finish to the workout. Perform three sets of ten reps and use a V shaped bar, with the V shape down. Focus on a good full range of motion for every rep of the sets. Use a challenging weight load and get a good burn.

This routine will give the triceps a great workout. It is graduated downward, with the most work at the front end (five sets) and descending as you get tired (finishing with three sets). Put the machines to work on your triceps.

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