Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement Review

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Benefits of Vanadyl Sulfate for Bodybuilding


Vanadyl Sulfate is a mineral found in natural foods like mushrooms, soybeans and a variety of seafood. This mineral plays the role of increasing the levels of glucose and amino acids required by the muscles. The normal recommended serving per day is 10-30 micro grams.

Vanadyl Sulfate uses

This mineral helps increase the flow of glucose into the muscles, which improves, cell functions hence reducing the muscle breakdown process, this important functional component also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. This function is important especially to the diabetic as it increases insulin resistance without having to take other preventative measures.

How Vanadyl Sulfate helps bodybuilders

Vanadyl Sulfate helps in balancing the insulin levels in the blood since they tend to increase after intense workouts. The supplement also increases breakdown of carbohydrates stored in the form of glycogen in the muscle which helps bodybuilders in maintaining round, full and hard muscles. The breakdown of glycogen is an important function as it potentially reduces the recovery time which gives bodybuilders a better experience during workout sessions, meaning shorter fatigue periods after workouts. In a nut shell Vanadyl Sulfate improves the ability to maintain higher energy levels required during workouts.

Why use Supplement

Not only does this supplement give you amazing pumps during and after your workout but also studies show that use of this supplement greatly reduces the potential threat of elevated glucose levels especially for diabetics. For the older generation, use of the supplement can improve development of muscle strength and cell functions owing to the anti-aging effects. Generally, the supplement can be used by all bodybuilders since it promotes normal cell functions and muscle strength & size when used as recommended.

Buy Vanadyl Sulfate

Vandyl Sulfate is an over the counter supplement that can be found in most nutrition and health food stores. Since itís not a prescription drug you can also buy it from various online resources, which include some bodybuilding sites.

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