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Free bodybuilding tips for women

 Well, the quick answer as to whether a woman should build body is that she should if she wants to. Take a look at a women’s bodybuilding magazine or a competition on television, and see if  you’re impressed or turned off by muscular woman. If you don’t experience even a twinge of envy, don’t even consider bodybuilding.

But even if a woman desires a muscular body, there are some very basic differences between men and woman to keep in mind, as well as some general warnings that apply both to men and women. Let’s first look at how women’s bodies are different, and what a woman can and cannot expect to gain from pumping iron.

Women are not built by nature to gain bulky, clothes bursting muscles. Muscle gain in womens are in the form of compact muscles. The kind of outrageous in your face muscles definition men achieve is denied women, though it’s hard to imagine that many women would even desire them.  Even women who go to the extreme of of losing almost all of their body fat, don’t rival men. Which is a fact that should keep starry eyed women who are getting into body building from punishing themselves with unhealthy diets.   By the way, the women who do achieve some measure of definition are resorting to drugs.

But let’s not limit things to the field of women’s body building. So many women are in the gyms every day or at home using machines and dumbbells.  Most of them aren’t looking to pose for muscle magazines.  They’re looking for healthy and more beautiful bodies.

Weight training offers women a way to lose fat, tone up, and build muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Women also face health problems later in life that are far less common in men. Bone loss and osetoporasis afflict many women. Building muscle mass is one key facet of a health plan to preserve strength. Regardless of how defined or pump a woman might want to be, the benefits of a three days a week in a gym with mix of strength and cardio training.

Women beginning resistance(weight) training ought to confine their workouts to a half hour or 45 minutes and do no more than 10 separate exercises, working on the three main muscle areas- the lower body, the trunk, and the upper body. Machines are easier to use for a beginner than free weights. Dumbbells, however, are easy enough to use for working the biceps and triceps.

Each set should consist of no more than 8 to 12 repetitions. It’s wise to leave a good 30 seconds between sets.  Do not look to exercise until exhaustion. Just as with men, do not head to the gym each day and lift weights. The body needs time to recuperate.  Three days of weight training is more than enough. For cardio improvement, use a treadmill or bicycle.  While running offers an excellent workout for the heart, it can take an awful toll of the knees and back. There are very few programs available for muscle building for women. Vince delmonte is one of the few guys to offer them.

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