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The Best Bodybuilding Workout Routines

You are more than likely very aware that the secret to getting good quality muscle on your body is not only your workout that you do but also your diet, your schedule, your hydration and your quality of the sleep that you get. It is a finely tuned combination that works for you and take years in perfecting it.

If you have been training anything less than a year then you are considered a beginner and should stick to the basic compound exercises that you do three times a week. They will usually be between 8 to 10 reps on each set and a total of not more than 12 sets per body-part.

Advanced will be someone who has been training more than 12 months and although there certainly is an intermediate stage of bodybuilding we will be skipping this section in order to demonstrate a point. The point we are trying to demonstrate is the difference between beginners and advanced.

When you are advanced in bodybuilding you will be training five or even six times a week. You will then be able to start using a variety of different exercises that will specifically target a smaller part of that body-part. For example doing bent-over dumbbell raise specifically to isolate your anterior deltoid.

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The Best Muscle Building Workouts are Those that Exercise Multiple Muscle Groups

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