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Bodybuilding Improves Your Sex Life

There are few other activities in the world that are as gratifying as sex, at least among humans; numerous studies completed over hundreds if not thousands of years have linked the satisfaction acquired from sexual activity to increase health and a reduction in death rates.

The importance of sex is such that the idea has infiltrated most facets of the media, prevalent in any movie, television show or music video that you might stumble upon; and it is because of the importance of sex that so many men are terrified of losing it, or rather the ability to enjoy it.

How can bodybuilding increase your sex drive and improve your performance?

If youíve found yourself awake at night, questioning why your libido wasnít quite what it used to be, youíre not alone; men all over the world can attest to the complications that can arise in their relationship when their sex drive begins to suffer, and few people take the time to connect the quality of their sexual activities with their physical health.


This important term generally speaks of oneís interest in sex or their desire. Both men and women will experience drops in libido at some point during the duration of their lives, either suddenly or gradually over a period of several years.

There are numerous factors that can bring about a decrease in libido, these including depression, disease, sexual fear, guilt, relationship problems, fatigue, anxiety, a lack of sexual pleasure and drugs such as nicotine and alcohol to mention but a few.

The majority of men will suffer from a drop in Libido, not because of any particularly destructive habits they might have nurtured, but the unhealthy lifestyles they would have been living for several years, lifestyles that can impact the body in numerous unexpected and unwanted ways, especially within the arena of sex.

It is within such circumstances that bodybuilding can prove essential to changing oneís lifestyle, physical fitness and overall sexual performance.

Bodybuilding and Libido

There are a variety of factors that make bodybuilding the perfect remedy to not only help individuals in their attempts to improve their sex drive but to augment their overall performance, these including the following:


Bodybuilders are highly disciplined individuals. They learn to take care of their bodies fairly early in the process, becoming effective in detecting anomalies within their physical and mental forms. They take note of the negative impact locating possible causes such as fatigue, stress and take steps to fix or improve them immediately.

Bodybuilding is a gateway into a realm that teaches you to worship your body, master its use, strengthen and maintain it to the best of your ability.


Most studies have proven self-esteem is directly impacted from working out. How good you look will influence how good you feel and this should in turn increase your desire for sex. There are few legal methods that are as effective in increasing your confidence as bodybuilding. Crafting your body into the perfect organic machine will make you feel better about yourself, this can have a positive impact on yours and your partnerís sexual desires.

That isnít even taking into account how drastically your confidence levels can improve your performance in bed!!


Despite what you might have heard, bodybuilders are very explicit about what they consume. This goes back to the issue of discipline. Bodybuilding requires that you not only introduce the necessary physical effort into sculpting the body but also take great care about what you consume.

And it is for this reason that bodybuilders will not go near alcohol and nicotine (as well as narcotics). These substances are not only bad for your health but they can actually impair your sexual functionality. This abstinence doesnít extend to anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication (after all, untreated depression can only cause your libido to drop further).


If you go to your doctor complaining about your waning sex drive and lacking performance, he or she is going to encourage you to partake in some physical activities during your day. This is because physical activity has been proven to have a positive impact on sexual health.

A bodybuilding lifestyle is one of regular movement and activity, this further improves your physical appearance and self-esteem, hence delivering a boosted sex drive and ensuring better performance.


Your approach to life will often determine your ability to overcome challenges; bodybuilders understand the importance of pushing through the physical difficulties in their path to acquire their desired physical form, no matter the pain and discomfort experienced along the way.

This positive attitude will prove essential to anyone trying to deal with the issue of a low sex drive, especially when faced with the prospect of a failing relationship.

         Orgasms and Physical Training

The physical impact of working out and sex has received quite a lot of attention over the years, especially when it comes to women. The simple fact is women that are fit tend to enjoy sex better.

By lifting weights and doing proper training regularly, women can expect to experience an increase in their caloric needs as well as their energy levels and a boost in blood flow. The results are not only limited to the healthier body image that will manifest but a drastic increase in endurance and confidence.

The impact of sexual activity more or less speaks for itself; studies have shown that lifting weights, performing strength training and even doing Pilates will strengthen the quadriceps and adductors; this will in turn bring about an increase in the intensity of oneís orgasm, especially when women compliment these workouts with yoga exercises.

So in Summary...

When sexual problems strike, most people, both men and women, are too quick to turn to the doctor instead of the gym. Consider the importance of testosterone in a manís sexual performance and the fact that bodybuilding will directly bring about an escalation in testosterone levels which increases libido, strength and performance. The critical nature of bodybuilding as a remedy for sex-related problems becomes largely obvious.

The body is a delicate object; why would you choose to attack it with noxious chemical treatments that might or might not work when bodybuilding has proven itself time and time again as a natural and effective means of solving the bodyís sexual problems.

At its best, bodybuilding will considerably enhance your confidence, libido and sexual performance. At worst, it will transform your body into a fitness machine which shall, in turn, positively impact your self-esteem.

So what are you waiting for???

About the Author

Kevin Hodges owner of has been involved in sport and fitness from a very early age; first through swimming, hockey and then with rugby where strength, size and conditioning was key.

Having been involved in many sports both playing and coaching Kevin is keen to support and promote strong natural training which includes selecting the right supplements to enhance your training, such as those from Crazy Bulk specializing in natural steroid alternatives.

Originally started bodybuilding as a hobby and now uses it as a critical part of training as well as using experience to help others with their training, diet and selecting the right supplements to maximize their results.

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